Q1. How long does Camellia oil last ?

A1. It depends on the conditions in which the oil is kept. If the oil is exposed to direct sunlight it will spoil in a short time, but otherwise the oil will remain stable for over a year. If the oil has an unpleasant odor, that is a sign of deterioration.

Q2. What are the differences between original Camellia Japonica and Dermaqueen ?

A2. Original Camellia Japonica oil is more natural (extracted directly from the seed), whereas the Dermaqueen series are more purified and produced especially for skin care. Any oil with a yellow color may cause slight sunburn unless used in a covered area. That is the reason why oils for the skin care are always clear.

Q3. What does Squalane do ?

A3. Squalane is taken from a deep-sea shark. It is one of the oils that are absorbed by the skin. Dermaqueen face care oil contains this Squalane oil, and prevents dryness from both inside (Squalane) and outside (Camellia oil).

Q4. What is the difference between your Camellia oil and other products on the market?

A4. Our Camellia oil is fresher and we guarantee that it is traditional Camellia Japonica seed oil. We buy directly from the farmers of Toshima Island where most areas are covered with organic Camellia trees. Most Camellia oils on the market such as Sasanqua seed oil are assumed to be the product of China. Camellia Sasanqua is a relative of Camellia Japonica and gives almost the same result. We would like to thank Ms. Shalini Vadhera, a professional make-up artist, for recommending our products on CBS.

Q5. How is Camellia oil used ?

A5. For hair care, put a few drops of the oil onto the palm of your hand and massage the oil into your hair. The oil works better when the hair is damp (Example: After a bath). For skin care, rub into the skin where it is rough, dry, or sun burned. Kate Winslet is known to use Camellia oil to combat stretch marks, and we have received responses from our customers to tell us that it was working on some skin problems, such as eczema.