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Our Camellia Japonica seed oil is extracted from the seeds of organically farmed camellia Japonica trees, and is 100% pure, refined oil. The acidity of typical camellia oil is generally about 2.8, but the acidity of our oil is lowered to a level of 0.5_(under 0.14 for the Dermaqueen series). This level of acidity keeps the oil fresh even after long-term preservation. In addition, deodorization has been specially conducted on each of our products.

Camellia oil is suitable for the maintenance of your hair and skin, and has been popular among women to make their hair soft and shiny since the Japanese Heian era_(8th-12th centuries). This non-drying oil keeps in an optimum moisture level?it protects your hair and skin from drying for a longer period of time, especially in the cold winter months. This product can be kept at hand for daily use to replenish the oils lost from the skin. more

camellia japonica
Original camellia Japonica
Net:1 fl oz.    $12.00
camellia oil for skin and face
  Camellia skin oil
Net:50ml.    $35.00