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warbler History of using Warbler's droppings powder

Warbler's Droppings powder has been necessary for removing stains and decoloration in Japan. Because, it does not hurt cloth at all even if we decolorize it, people started using it for their skin as well. Kabuki-Actors (Japanese traditional drama actors) and Geisha-girls (Japanese professional entertainers trained in traditional dancing and music) have started using it to remove powder burns on their skin. Then madams of the court noble, samurais, and merchants started using it as stain remover and washing powder, which changes swarthy skin into white and beautiful skin. And this has continued to the present day.

What is the Secret element of Warbler's droppings?

There are two kinds of bird, which eat grain or animal like insects, caterpillars, and small fish. Their eating habits are different, and they discharge different kinds of droppings as well. As we often say, "Warbler on the plum tree", a wild warbler stops on the plum tree to eat their favorite food, caterpillars. Caterpillars eat the fresh green leaves of the plum tree because they like them very much. This means that the warbler takes in the caterpillar's protein, fat, chlorophyll and its extract from green leaves into his stomach. Although the bush warbler, which ate the caterpillars, digests them and secretes a strong digestive chemical in his stomach and intestines, he discharge his droppings with a lot of decomposition and bleaching components etc. They are the special elements, which remove wrinkles from the skin for beauty. The protein and fat decomposition components in the droppings melt the dirt and the fat in the skin and the bleaching component acts in removing stains and has a fair complexion effect on the skin.

To produce these Warbler's Droppings, warblers feeded on fish meal as protein, rice bran as fat, paste of crushed greens and fruit and cucumber, as green leaves, making its taste like an insect. As for the droppings, they are dried in the sun and are sterilized by ultraviolet rays. It has a peculiar slight stench as all droppings usually have. You will sure feel it is the wonder of nature to wash your face with Warbler's Droppings, because it leaves enough moisture on your face while it is effectively taking away the dirt. There is neither stiff nor rough and dry feeling after the face is washed, and it makes smooth and moist skin. Warbler droppings are effective not only for rough skin but also for greasy skin. In addition, it never damages the skin at all while bleaching your skin and making it beautiful. When you use it, put one-third of a coffee spoonful of Warbler droppings on your hand and mix it with bubbles of soap and wash your face.

Red Bean Powder

It has been said that women would make a type of flour from the red bean and had have been using this flour to wash their face since the Nara era, the Japanese old period in the history books (8th Century). The red bean husk includes much Saponin, which defends your skin against the elements because it keeps it wet and the grains remove old skin, therefore the blood circulation in your skin will improve and the skin will become soft. This is what we call, scrub facial cleansing now. This is a gentle facial cleansing powder, which is made from lightly roasted fine quality red beans, ground using a stone mill. Peoples who have trouble with pimples or rough skin will find it works most effectively if used on a daily basis.

warbler's droppings powder
Warbler's droppings powder
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redbean powder
Redbean Powder
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Seaweed powder
Seaweed powder
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