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Camellia oil contains more oleic acid, which is effective in reducing the formation of cholesterol, than olive oil. Recently it has become clear that this is very beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Above all, it is said that it has certain benefits for circulation organs like prevention of arteriosclerosis or lowering the serum cholesterol level epidemiologically. Also, camellia oil is thought to assist in the prevention of illness because it combines with free radicals to become peroxide lipids in the body, resistant to oxidization. When used to cook oily food, this oil is light compared to other common vegetable oils and is good for digestion.

OilCamellia oilOlive oilSesame oil
Oleic acid79% ~ 85%65% ~ 84%35% ~ 46%
Linoleic acid3% ~ 9%4% ~ 15%35% ~ 48%
OxidizationResistantRather resistantEasily oxidizable
StabilityStableRather stableunstable
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